Linkitall LLC

Posted : 24 09 2016
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​Linkitall LLC (LIA) â€“ as the name suggests, LIA is a one-stop centralized hub that encapsulates and links all your HR and IT solutions within the public and government sector.

Our goal is to utilize innovative solutions for proven success. We provide an extension to a network that brings IT solutions and HR strategies, in one, centralized location. LIA’s team plays a key role in maximizing results and saving companies and government agencies valuable time..

Formed in 2012, the company’s initial assignments included employment and education for transitional soldiers. Since its inception, we have expanded our services to provide a range of comprehensive HR and IT solutions for the commercial and government sector. We have been rated superior for customer satisfaction amongst our clients. We are consistently working hard to provide the best services and have evolved into multiple of business areas in the HR and IT arena, such as computer training and SMS &Mobile Application Solutions.

How We Optimized This Business

Requirements Gathering


Planning & Execution


Solution & Result