Business Intelligence

We can help you stay ahead of your competitors with our Business Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics Solutions.


We handle all E-Commerce platform development from store design, graphics, product uploads, etc. taking your shop to the next level

Cloud-based Computing

Cloud-based computing is a catalyst for a tectonic shift in the business world. We can help you migrate and manage all your cloud networks.

ERP & Management Information Systems

With the new orientation towards a performance-based and results-oriented business operations, Management Systems help businesses to adopt a more strategic approach and bring added value to an organization

Data Solutionss

We create innovative and efficient technology solutions to help businesses better manage and protect their data.

SME Suites

Our SME Suites are affordable solutions to help Individuals, Small & Medium Businesses leverage the power of technology in day-to-day operations.

We Provide Top Quality Services

At Tarklish, we don’t just build software solutions; we combine processes, services, technologies and ideas to create a better and simpler way of managing data and information. We achieve this by deploring our expertise in discovering new solutions and technologies that deliver innovative systems using modern technology trends.

Dedicated Team